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Potty about Pottery

Unique pottery designs.

Commissions undertaken by experienced and award-winning pottery designer.


My name is Thandi and I am passionate about pottery. I have been creating unique designs for 20 years now and have won numerous awards for my work. I work from my home in Pretoria in Gauteng where I live with my husband and two sons.

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I mainly create bowls, cups and other crockery items that are in everyday use. Every one of my items is unique and is made with love.

Shapes, colors, and imagery are what inspire me the most and these can be anything from flower patterns to birds and animals. My chosen material is earthenware, which I bake at moderate temperatures in an electric kiln. I create sculptural pots, adorned plates, and containers that are all uniquely constructed and glazed. To create tactile surfaces layered with color and texture, I have created my her own glaze formulae, which is used in combination with oxides and commercially available slips and glazes.

Have a look at some of my work…


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